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Visual Composer and WP 4.5

Many users have noticed that the latest update of WordPress (version 4.5) has caused an incompatibility with the plugin Visual Composer. The problem was that any page could be changed and the visual composer panel did not load on administration panel.

How to resolve this problem ?

We worked hard these days and we have updated all plugins of all our themes and now you can update the theme for solving the problem.

How can I update the theme ?

Update the theme is very simple, you need to download the latest version from site. Disables and delete the theme. Upload the new theme updated. Obviously if you have made some changes to the code of your old theme you will lose them, remember that the best way to change the theme is to use the child theme. My advice is always make a backup of the database and sources of the old theme before making the update, so you can recover your data in case something goes wrong.

How to update the plugin?

Update the theme is not the only thing you need to do. To complete the upgrade is essential to update the plugins (especially nicdark-shortcodes and visual composer). Turn off and remove all plugins. Install the plugins again through the link “Plugin Required” message, the system automatically install the updated plugin. Once the plugin is installed, activate the plugin.

What should I do after the update ?

As you can see there are a few things to fix. With the new version of the Visual Composer row component is changed. For this reason you need to re-set the following things:
– If you use the parallax images you will need to insert them again in row settings.
– Set the layout of your row in “Stretched Row” for full width background sections ( example for parallax images )
– Set the layout of your row in “Stretched Row and content no padding” for full width background and content.

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